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      Count three and throw it in the air, he said. You understand? he added, addressing Trafford.

      I should like her portrait painted, Trafford. It has not yet been done, has it?

      Esmeralda sighed slightly.CHAPTER XXXVIII.

      I will call you Esmeralda, dear, she said, yielding up her heart at once; and you will call me Lilias? I hope we shall be great friends; indeed, I feel as if I had known you for a long time; Traffords letter told me so much about you. But I did not expect to seeHes a lord, said Esmeralda.

      Have you nothing to say to menot one word? he said.


      There was Mother Melinda there, said Esmeralda, and black-eyed Polly, and one or two others.


      There were only men on board. There was no woman to whose compassion she could appeal, no woman to lend her clothes to cover her. She saw herself once again in the Venetian glass, in her long trained petticoat of muslin and lace, so daintily fresh when she dressed for the ballmuslin and lace soddened by the sea, torn to shreds where her feet had caught in the flounces as she stumbled down the companion during last night's storm. A fitting costume in which to travel from Arcachon to London, verily! She opened a door leading to an inner cabin, which contained bed and bath, and all toilet appliances. Hanging against the wall there were three dressing-gowns, the lightest and least masculine of the three being a robe of Indian camel's hair, embroidered with gray silka shapeless garment with loose sleeves and a girdle.No, she said.