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      If I only could! he said, with a groan, and went out. He went to his rooms, and sat there broodingplaying the solitary game called, Looking Back At the Past. It is a poor game, and one seldom wins at it. He was so lost in his thoughts that he managed to lose the train, and had to remain in town; and so he gave Lady Ada another opportunity."No," murmured Anna as the cruel shaft went through her. "What did Charlie do with the money?"

      Norman lighted up, and leaned back comfortably. No, it isnt easy to make a fortune, Traff, even in the new world. Its about as difficult there as it is here, and everybodys at it.You are quite right to admire your guardian, my dear; he is one of the most charming men it has ever been my fortune to meet, and that Three Star, or any number of stars,[352] should have been permitted to monopolize him, is worse than wickedit is absurd.

      "Yes, he will!" swore Gibbs, "and so will I!"

      This gentleman and I have met and had a little difference, he said. And we have decided to settle it here and now. You have come just in time, and can act as umpire.

      He patted her on the back encouragingly and ran back to the coach, and, of course, she followed him, although at a little distance.



      Esmeralda, he said, very gently, very fearfully, as if he were afraid that the sound of his voice might frighten and trouble her. Have I startled you? Mother Melinda said I might come. I have been waiting all this weary timebut I will go again if you wish it, if you are not strong enough to see me.


      Thats all right, he said, pressing her hand and laughing brokenly. It doesnt matter about me. EsmeraldaEsmeralda! Weve got to find her, to catch her before she gets to that place, before the story leaks out!


      "No!" was the too eager reply, "It's here in the morning paper." They read the item. The visitor flashed as she dropped the sheet.He cursed himself for a fool for not having thought of it before, and startled the cabby by jerking up the trap-door, and in a voice that trembled with excitement telling him to drive to the city office of the agents of the shipping company.