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      Esmeralda pouted; but she suffered him to put the jacket on her.

      He looked up at her slyly, as she sat in an exquisitely graceful attitude, her brown hands folded loosely in her lap, her head slightly thrown back as she looked up at the moonlit sky.

      Only this, said his uncle, blandly, that to-night I have seen a way to removing all our difficulties.Oh, but I dont enjoy it, said Esmeralda. Id dance if I could. Im going to learn. Ive got a lot to learn.

      Esmeralda did not respond. She leaned back in her corneras far from him as possibleand looked straight before her. She was still pale, and there was a vacant, absent look in her eyes. Lady AdasTraffordswords were still ringing in her ears like a knell. She was asking herself what she should do. At one moment she felt as if she must cry and sob aloud, or feel her heart break; but she fought against her tears.

      Esmeralda looked at him wistfully. She saw that he did not understand, and she would have liked to have explained to him; but for Varleys sake she kept silent.

      I will trust myself with Miss Chetwynde anywhere, said his grace, gallantly. Though it was a warm afternoon, he was wrapped up in furs, as if it were winter, and he leaned back in the easy carriage with an air of pride and enjoyment in his strength and his companion which caused Lord Selvaine to smile.


      You dont care? he asked.